Hello, I’m Ranajay Das!

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        ‘Django Web Developer’,

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Ranajay Das

I’m a Python Developer with over 13 years of software building experience.

I develop functional and lightweight webapps while traveling the world (the travel part is subject to the whims of unexpected pandemics).

I do what I love and I love what I do. In other words, I wouldn’t be doing this unless I absolutely loved it 😉.

Besides coding, I’m also an author and I published my first novel in 2018.

My Skills

(In descending order of proficiency)

  • Django 100% 100%
  • Python 100% 100%
  • Web / Email Scraping 100% 100%
  • HTML 70% 70%
  • CSS 70% 70%
  • Elasticsearch 40% 40%
  • JavaScript 40% 40%


Otvoreni Akti

Django | Elasticsearch | Beautiful Soup | PostgreSQL | Celery |

Automated scraper and search engine that indexes all the open mayoral acts/statutes by the Mayor of Zagreb, Croatia. It indexes over 100,000 statutes and has advanced search features built into the engine (like use of AND, OR, NOT operators, date and file type filtering, exact term search, results highlighting and sorting).

This project was requested by Croatian journalists and funded by Za Grad to make the statutes of the Mayor of Zagreb more transparent, searchable and accountable.

It was recently featured in some Croatian news articles as an important tool in the fight against corruption. You can read more about it in my blog post.

News Articles About Otvoreni Akti


The anti-corruption search engine "Open Acts" now works for Split as well

(via monitor.hr)

The new search engine for Bandić's decisions is brilliant: you immediately find out why he gave HRK 17,000 to the Catholic University

(via telegram.hr)

All of Bandić's 'maps on the table' are available to you: With the help of this search engine, all acts passed by our mayor are available!

(via zagreb.info)


Presentation of new search engine, shows all Bandic's projects and decisions

(via index.hr)


Django REST Framework | Elasticsearch | OAuth2 | Gmail & Outlook API | IMAP | PostgreSQL | Celery

Mailsy is an automated email scraper for accommodations like hotels and hostels that sign up through Counter.app.

Mailsy extracts reservation information from scraped emails (such as reservation number, guest name, dates of reservation, room type etc) and makes them available to Counter.app’s beautiful dashboard. Mailsy also includes an Elasticsearch engine that finds reservations instantly and shows all relevant conversations between the guest and the property, ensuring a smooth check-in experience!

Mailsy is capable of scraping IMAP and OAuth2 accounts and was commissioned by the founders of Counter.app.

Mailsy snippet

Create A Quiz

Django | PostgreSQL |

Create your own custom quizzes and share them with your friends using this easy to use Quiz Creator! Search for quizzes made by other users using custom tags and keyword searches.

Ranajay On The Road

WordPress | Divi

Ranajay Das is a full-time Traveler, Python Coder, Author and Engineer. Ranajay On The Road is his website for people who are searching for their dreams!


Ranajay is an excellent software engineer! We worked together on a web development project where he was introduced to several complex technologies for the first time and was very quick to learn and master them. I hope we’ll have more opportunities to work together!

Dražen Lučanin

Founder, Punk Rock Dev


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